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Hand Tools

Precision Ratchel Tool crimp from 0.5-6.0mm2
Full Cycle Ratchet Crimping Tool
For Crimping D-SUB & OPEN Barrel Connectors AWG: 18-22, 24-30 mm: 2.54, 3.96
Hex Crimping Tool for F, BNC, TNC & N-Connector
6Pin/4Pin Modular Crimping Tool
A unique crimping tool for crimping RJ-11, 4P4C and RJ-12, 6P6C modular pugs for multi functional telephones and additional equipments.
MT-210A / MT-210B
6Pin/8Pin Modular Crimping Tool

A unique crimping tool for crimping RJ-12, 6P6C and RJ-45, 8P8C modular pugs for multi functional telephones and additional equipments.

8 Pin Modular Crimping Tool.
A beautifully designed crimping tool for crimping RJ-45, 8P8C modular plugs. Suitable for Lan networking and general assembly work.

A tool manufactured from ductile iron with special tool steel jaws ans a dropforged chrome- molybenum pivotted handle.A screw allows cables from 10mm2 to 95mm2 to be accommodated
Cable Cutter with lock for 12 mm cable
Cable Cutter with lock
for 10 mm cable
Cable Cutter with lock for 18 mm cable
Cable Cutter for cutting Copper/ Aluminium conductor single wire upto 24 mm2.
02 DX
Modified version with better working & design
A unique tool to strip & cut insulation on copper wire ranging from 0.5mm to 2.5mm or 6mm diameter.Suitable for electronics, aviation automobile & day to day maintenance.
MT-31 Three Tools in One
A unique tool having three actions, as plier, cutter & stripper with gauge setter. Suitable for electronic maintenance & production as well as general electrical maintenance.
MT-71, Seven Tools in One
MT-71 : A unique tool featuring wire stripper, wire cutter, cutter, plier, wire loop, measuring scale and terminal crimper
CS 41 New Four Tools in One
A beautiful combination Multipurpose Tool equipped withcutting Nipper, wire stripper and crimper for non-insulated terminals. Made out of High Carbon Alloy Steel, with black oxide finish and heat treated as per international standards. Cutting Nipper can cut precisely wires upto 2.0mm copper and 2.5mm Aluminium conductors. Crimping capacity is from 2mm2 to 5.5mm2 non-insulated thimbles only. Available in soft uniquely designed cushioned grips for continuous working without any fatigue.
Short Nose Plier with/without Teeth
Long Nose Plier with/without Teeth
Wire Stripper & Cutter with Screw Gauge adjuster
Wire Stripper & Cutter with spring and Cam Gauge setter
WS 45
Wire Stripper & Cutter with spring
Wire Stripper & Cutter with Spring and Screw Gauge adjuster with PVC cushioned grips
Wire Stripper & Cutter with Spring without PVC grips
Excellent and efficient designed wire stripper with 6 stripping holes. Stripping Capacity from 0.5 to 6.0mm2. Available in soft cushioned PVC Grip for easy operations. Stripping Blades made out of High Grade Alloy Steel duly grounded and stamped for easy identification of stripping holes.
Unique tools for opening & tight- ening oil filters in automobiles & diesel operated vehicles. Easy to carry, suitable for maintenance work.
FW-100 Self adjusting type
FW-200 Self adjusting type
FW-400 Adjusting type
04 DX 8” Long with Cushioned Sleeve
Light weight Cutters for general purpose use Made out of special alloy steel with hardened and tempered cutter blades Comfortable grip and spring action Suitable for cutting piano wire, soft solid wire, bolts, nails, rivets and screws Cutting blades hardened to 60 HRC for smooth operation Exceptional cutting action because of long handles Cutting capacity from 2.3 mm to 3 mm
MT-555 (Chrome Vanadium)
1. High Grade Chrome Vanadiun Steel Duly Induction Hardened for “MORE” working life of the tool. 2. Heavy Duty CA-FR Handle Sleeves with “Anti Slip” and “High Hand Grip” feature to prevent the plier from slipping. 3. A newly designed color on the Top of Handle to prevent from Electrical Shock. 4. Can cut heavy duty Electrical wires.
Microshear Cut wires from 0.8mm to 1.4mm
Nipper 115mm. Cut wires from 0.8mm to 1.2mm.
Micro Cutter 125 mm. Cut wires from 0.8 to 1.2mm.
Heavy Duty Diagonal Nipper with Cushioned grips. For cutting Copper & Aluminum conductors up to 2.0 dia. High Carbon Alloy Steel, Edges Induction Hardened for longer life. Suitable for Electronics, Teleco- mmunications, Computers & PCB production.
011 Palm Nipper
A unique Palm Nipper/Cutter made out of high grade alloy steel with cutting edges duly grounded and induction heat treated on ultra high frequency to give high wear registance to the edges. Suitable for cutting soft copper/ aluminium wires upto 1.5mm and best tool for jewellers.
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